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The Rothesay Brass is another great open hearth for an electric fireplace from Dimplex. This model imitates the burning of logs so realistically that the fire and smoke generated in the furnace cannot be distinguished from the real one. In addition to the decorative function, which is able to function independently, it is possible to heat small rooms in two power levels. This model of the hearth is equipped with a remote control.

The main features of the hearth for electric fireplaces from the Dimplex trademark:

The effect of burning a live flame using the patented Opti-myst technology

Designed for built-in fireplace portals.

Realistic dummies of logs are made by hand.

The user chooses the location of the firewood himself – the assembly is carried out according to the type of the constructor.

Implemented the ability to customize the effect of burning, smoldering firewood and control the effect of smoke.

Equipped with a low-noise efficient fan heater.

A steam generator is used to visualize the smoke.

Indication of the end of water in the tank.

Wide viewing angle.

Built-in xenon lamp illumination with extended performance resource.

The use of Optiglo® technology, which creates a shimmering effect of smoldering logs.

Independent heating mode with power regulator.

Built-in thermostat for overheating protection.

This model comes with a remote control.

The Opti-myst series of fireplaces for electric fireplaces from the Irish brand Dimplex are devices that simulate the burning of a fire in the fireplace insert so realistically that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a real flame. This visualization is achieved thanks to the presence of a steam generator and a fan in the design, which, of course, are hidden from view. Opti-myst hearths have different designs, but open models look most impressive.

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